End of Sale &
End of Support

All good things come to an end

End of Sale

PhenixID considers a product to be End of Sale when either it can no longer be ordered from PhenixID, or it is marketed as being End of Sale on the PhenixID web site.
When possible PhenixID will either offer a more current revision of the same product or provide recommendations on a migration strategy.

PhenixID communicates product End of Sale through PhenixID support webpage. PhenixID strives to notify customers 12 months in advance.


Software Products / Releases

PhenixID supports the current major release and the previous major release of the software product (e.g. 2.0 and the previous release), provided that the end-user customer continues to maintain an active license/service contract.


End of Support

End of Support is defined when support and updates are no longer available for a product.
Once a product has reached its End of Support date, PhenixID does not offer new license or support contracts for that product.
End of support for a PhenixID product is two (2) years after the date for End of Sale.
PhenixID considers a product to be End of Support when the published End of Support date is reached.



Product name End of Sale End of Support
PhenixID Multi-Factor Authentication v1.5.1 2018 June 7
PhenixID Federation v1.5.1 2018 June 7