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SWF 2.5.4

New maintenance release

This new release includes defect fixes and addition of minor functions for the 2.5 release, and is recommended for all 2.5 installations.

New/improved features

Now possible for the administrator of the system to publish customer-defined information or news in the UI. This helps the administrator to spread important information such as planned downtime, new features or hints. To forward information to the IdP, there is an option to set cookies at login, can be used for example to remember login option or source of user

Defect fixes

The 2.5.4 release includes important defect fixes for the 2.5 release, including:

Retention time settings for an errand lifecycle, possible to disable PDF validation and GUI fixes.

SWF 2.5.0

New minor release

PhenixID Signing Workflow 2.5.0 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


The highlight for the 2.5.0 release includes the ability edit already created errand.

Edit errand

Prior to this release, the only thing that was possible to update on an errand was the expiration time. If the wrong person was invited as a signer, or someone was missing, a solicitor had to delete the old errand and create a new one. Signers who had already signed the document had to sign again. This release adds the possibility for the solicitor (via GUI or API) to edit an already existing errand.

  • Signers that hasn't yet signed can be removed
  • New signers can be added
  • The description of the errand can be updated
  • The priority order for signers who hasn't yet been invited (in queue) can be changed

Reminding signers

In the configuration its possible that a email reminder is sent prior to the errand expires. Now a solicitor can also trigger a reminder email to a signer that hasn't yet signed by clicking a button in the GUI.

Improved functions

  • SWF graphical issues (mobile responsiveness) has been resolved

Bug fixes

  • IGA-467 Do not log out when changing language’
  • IGA-504 Runtime error when uploading first document

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