We Understand Identity Management

PhenixID was founded in 2014 by a group of people from former software company Nordic Edge. Employees at PhenixID have extensive experience in products and solutions in the field of secure identity and access management.


It is virtually impossible for a person to remember usernames and passwords for accessing different websites without comprimising security guidelines. We have the tools to solve this!


How do you know that a person really is who he/she claims to be? We at PhenixID have long experience in helping customers make the login process both secure and easy!


Organizations always look at different ways to save cost but at the same time not compromise security and simplicity. We have solutions for automation, delegation and self service to lower your TCO.


säkra digitala identiteter

PhenixID Identity Application Layer

PhenixID Identity Application Layer


Den svenska skolan är på väg in i en digitaliserad värld. För att kunna ta tillvara på möjligheterna med den nya utvecklingen och utnyttja digitala tjänster i undervisningen krävs en väl fungerande lösning. Sannolikt kommer även Skolverkets framtida digitala nationella prov att interagera med Skolfederation.

Strong Authentication

Accessing company data by user login in a secure and easy manner can be a challenge! Our flexible solutions offer secure login that enables users to easily access their resources.


Today there are countless applications, both cloud-based and local. Remembering account names and passwords is a problem that users face every day. MyApps provides easy and secure access to user applications through one single account.

Password Management

Resetting forgotten passwords is a tedious and time-consuming hazzle for both users and administrators. Password Management solutions from PhenixID enables organizations to lower their costs by solving password issues in a simple and secure manner.

Identity Management

Managing users in various IT systems is a challenge for many organizations. There is a great need for streamlined user account management that meets the requirements for security, simplicity and cost efficiency.

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