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On-premise IdP for authentication

Identity theft, unauthorised access, and potential breaches pose significant risks, not only threatening the integrity of sensitive information but also jeopardising organisational reputation and operational continuity. The challenge lies in effectively safeguarding this data against increasingly sophisticated threats.

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The importance of protecting identity data

Organisations today face a daunting task: protecting the identity and access credentials of their users. The stakes are high, as identity management plays a pivotal role in securing sensitive information and systems. Identity theft, service interruptions, and reputational damage are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consequences of an infected identity management system. Compromised credentials serve as a gateway for malicious actors, leading to unauthorised access, data breaches, theft of intellectual property, and disruption of critical services. The need for robust protection of your identity management system has never been higher.


PhenixID's premium identity protection

Recognising the critical need for enhanced security, PhenixID introduces a comprehensive solution as part of its Premium package. This solution empowers organisations with an Identity Provider (IdP) based on the PhenixID Authentication package, to protect your identity management system. For organisations lacking an IdP or those seeking an alternative, PhenixID offers the capability to integrate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all login activities to the self-service portal. This strategic approach not only fortifies the security perimeter around sensitive identity data but also provides a flexible, robust defense mechanism against unauthorised access attempts.

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Strengthened Security and Enhanced Trust

Implementing PhenixID's on-premise IdP and MFA solutions has led to transformative outcomes for organisations. By bolstering the security of identity data and access credentials, businesses have significantly mitigated the risk of breaches and unauthorised access. The enhanced security framework has not only protected critical information and systems but also restored confidence among stakeholders, ensuring the continuity of operations without compromising on integrity or reputation. With PhenixID's solutions, organisations have successfully navigated the challenges of identity data protection, fostering a safer, more secure digital environment.

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