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Document conversion

Understanding and adhering to the right PDF format, particularly PDF/A for long-term preservation, is a challenge for many users. Organisations often have strict policies about document formats for signing, leading to difficulties and system rejections when users encounter incompatible formats, such as Microsoft Word documents. This creates a significant hurdle in the document signing workflow.

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Understanding PDF formats for secure signing

In the digital document world, different PDF formats exist, with PDF/A being crucial for long-term preservation and often used for signed documents. However, determining whether a file is in the correct PDF format for signing, like PDF/A, poses a challenge for many users. Organisational policies typically limit document signing to certain formats for security reasons, complicating matters when users have documents in other formats, such as Microsoft Word. This leads to signing system rejections of non-compliant formats, preventing users from completing their tasks efficiently. This gap between user knowledge, organisational policy, and system constraints creates a notable obstacle in document signing processes.


Streamlining document conversion for seamless signing

PhenixID Signing simplifies document signing by allowing administrators to specify acceptable PDF formats and automatically converting non-compliant files. Users upload their documents, and the system identifies the format, comparing it against the allowed list. If there's a mismatch, it converts the document to an approved format set by the administrator. This feature reduces support calls and ensures all signed documents meet organisational standards, streamlining the signing process for users.

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Enhanced document signing efficiency with PhenixID

Users no longer face the frustration of incompatible document formats; the system's ability to automatically detect and convert files to approved formats has significantly reduced the need for support assistance. This automation ensures that all documents adhere to organisational standards, thereby maintaining consistency and compliance across all signed documents.

As a result of this solution, there has been a decrease in workflow interruptions and an increase in user satisfaction. The smooth, error-free signing experience provided by PhenixID has not only enhanced productivity but also reinforced the reliability and effectiveness of the organisation's digital document management system.

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