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PhenixID Identity

Ensures the quality of your digital identities through automation and controls who can view and modify data through delegation

Seamless identity management in a few clicks

Simplify, secure, and standardise - Your path to seamless identity management

Update items easily

A service desk or a manager can easily update items they are responsible for

Self-service for users

Provides users with a simple self-service tool to manage their own information

Low TCO - high ROI

Our solution is cost-effective and ensures significant returns for your organisation

Key benefits

Choosing PhenixID's Identity solution offers organisations a robust, comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and secure the management of digital identities and access controls. Here are the key benefits of partnering with PhenixID for your identity management needs:

Quick installation

Quick installation

Implementing identity management is uncomplicated, and the need for training is minimal.

For support

For support

Create, manage, and delete users, groups, or other objects.



The user can log in and view as well as edit information themselves. For example, add ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts, private mobile numbers.

For managers

For managers

A manager can search for and manage their users, such as resetting passwords, adding mobile numbers, group memberships.

Web based

Easy to use and access. Provides administrators and end users with a tool to modify or view only what they have authorization for.

Customized color and shape
Tailored to your needs
Integrates with existing infrastructure
Supports multiple roles
Manage distribution lists
Manage access to SharePoint sites
IM includes several predefined roles
Create your own roles
Subset of identity integrations
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