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PAS 5.0

PAS 5.0

PhenixID is proud to announce the new release of PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) 5.0. The new release improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

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Finally the PAS 5.0 version see the light of day! This version is a major technical upgrade, compared to 4.7 and earlier versions. It brings significantly better security level as well as futureproofing and enabling of further enhancements. There are no significant changes in terms of functionality or usability in this initial 5.0 version.


Increased security

PAS 5.0 includes a significant reduction of software security vulnerabilities in third party librariues used. The build and testing of PAS software has been enhanced by a mandatory vulnerability (OWASP) check, meaning that the software build process will catch known vulnerabilities – in each recurring and scheduled build.


Upcoming features

As PAS 4.7 branch is moved to maintenance mode, new and enhanced features will be developed and released on this new 5.0 branch. This strategic move ensures that new features are built on a more modern platform.


Inclusion of additional modules and valves in the product

Prior the 5.0 release, some specific modules and valves were treated as standalone entities necessitating separate installation procedures. By consolidating these components into the core product, you benefit from a more cohesive and streamlined life cycle management process, guaranteeing the availability of the latest and most secure versions – thereby fortifying the overall integrity and security of the system

Known limitations

Initially we recommend this version for those using internal HSQLDB database or MSSQL only

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