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PIP 6.3.4

PIP 6.3.4

New maintenance release

We are excited to announce the release of PhenixID Identity Provisioning (PIP) 6.3.4. This latest version brings significant improvements in stability, compatibility, and security, making it a highly recommended update for all installations.

New and Updated Features

  • Improved CRL Checker Action Performance

    We have significantly enhanced the performance of the CRL checks action. Previous versions experienced slower performance, but with this update, you will notice a marked improvement in the speed and efficiency of CRL checks.

  • New Version of Get Procapita Data Action

    This update addresses an issue with the generated WSDL classes having an outdated WSDL location, which no longer functioned. The new version resolves this issue, ensuring that the Get Procapita Data action operates correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • PIP-752
    Missing HTTP Header for Content Type During OAuth Requests in REST Actions

    We have updated REST actions to send the correct content type header for OAuth2 requests when obtaining access tokens. This resolves the issue where the content type header was missing.

  • PIP-756
    Basic Authentication for SOAP Web Service Server Not Working

    The basic authentication functionality for SOAP web service servers has been restored. This fix ensures that SOAP web services requiring basic authentication now work correctly.

  • PIP-757
    REST Actions Could Not Be Configured to Go Through a Proxy

    We have updated REST actions to properly route through a proxy when Java system properties for HTTP proxy are set in vmoptions. This resolves the issue where REST actions could not be configured to go through a proxy.

We believe that these enhancements and fixes will greatly benefit your identity provisioning processes, providing a more robust and reliable experience.

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