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SWF 2.2.0

SWF 2.2.0

PhenixID Signing Services Workflow 2.2.0 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

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The highlights for the 2.2 release includes the addition of Admin user role and the possibility to use Tags on errands.

Admin user

In previous versions of SWF, there was two different roles for users:

  • Signers who is allowed to sign documents in errands assigned to them
  • Solicitors – apart from the same permissions as the signer – is allowed to create and manage signing errands

But what do you do if a specific Solicitor gets unavailable (for example gone on vacation or sick leave) and you need to handle a specific errand belonging to that Solicitor? The SWF 2.2 release includes a new role, admin, which can perform everything a Solicitor can do but also manage all errands created by any Solicitor. Simply put, a specific Solicitor can only see errands he/she has created while a admin user can see both errands created him/herself but also errands created by other Solicitors.



Some information might be available at creation of an errand, but isn't really applicable until the errand has finished. As an example, at create you might know that this document that is signed is a employment contract or you have information that this document should be archived in a specific archive. When the errand has been signed by all signers decisions should be made depending on that earlier information. Using the earlier examples, the employment contract should be sent to HR and the archive intended might mean that the document should be saved on a specific location.

This release introduces the use of Tags. Tags is a way to save information through the lifetime of the errand. At creating Tags can be set and the settings of these tags can then be read until the errand is deleted. This could be specifically beneficial when using the API to create and query errands. At completion the script that implements the use of SWF API can query about the tag settings and use that information to take decisions

Improved functions

In addition, several features have received minor improvement including:

  • Possibility to control the format of a Swedish personnummer. If forcing the format to 12 digits the administrator of the system can always be sure that the return value from for example BankID or Freja eID can always be matched with the solicitors input
  • Generic GUI improvements for increased usability


Bug fixes

  • IGA-402 Setting expire date manually sets expire date one day before actual setting
  • IGA-412 Admin list filter and nav not visible when filtering

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