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Unlimited federated authentications

Organisations, sans federation, battle with traditional username and password hassles. Users battle password fatigue and security concerns. The absence of federation complicates access management, leading to time-consuming processes and increased security risks. Breaking free from these challenges is essential for streamlined and secure authentication.

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Breaking the chains of password overload

In the absence of federation, organisations grapple with the challenges of relying on traditional username and password-based authentication for each service.

Users battle password fatigue, managing multiple credentials for various services, raising concerns about password reuse, weak passwords, and vulnerability to phishing attacks.

The absence of federation also complicates user access management, leading to time-consuming onboarding and offboarding processes, increasing the risk of inappropriate access, and causing delays in granting necessary permissions.


PhenixID's federation solution simplifies authentication

Imagine if users needed just one credential to access all systems and services, both internal and external.

PhenixID Authentication solution makes this a reality by implementing federation of web services. Supporting SAML and OIDC, the system streamlines authentication by centralising it in your Identity Provider (IdP).

Each web service, configured to authenticate through the central IdP, ensures that users only need one credential for all services. This not only simplifies user provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates but also enhances user experience by eliminating the need to remember multiple credentials.

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Unified Credentials, Seamless Access

  • Break free from password overload with PhenixID's Federation Solution.

  • Support for leading federation technologies - SAML and OIDC.

  • Centralise authentication in your Identity Provider for streamlined access.

  • Simplify user provisioning, deprovisioning, and updates with unified credentials.

PhenixID's federation solution redefines service authentication, offering unified credentials and seamless access for users across all systems and services. Say goodbye to password fatigue and embrace a simplified, secure, and efficient authentication experience.

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