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PhenixID enhances security by integrating user data from external systems into authentication processes. This approach not only tightens security but also allows for a personalised, user-friendly experience. Aimed at public sector professionals, we balance complex security needs with ease of access.

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Balancing complexity and efficiency in enhanced security authentication

As we increase security, authentication processes inevitably become more complex, posing a challenge to user experience. A solution lies in enriching these authentication flows with user-specific data from external systems. This approach not only maintains high security standards but also enhances the service quality, making the process more efficient and personalised for the user.


Streamlined integration and contextual access control

The PhenixID Authenticate solution features a range of predefined integrations, encompassing both commonly used external systems and services tailored specifically for the public sector. This significantly reduces the workload for IT departments in terms of system integrations, while also enabling context-based access control, factoring in elements like network, time, and device. Furthermore, our solution supports advanced authentication scenarios, such as initiating control signals to agencies like the tax authority to determine authentication eligibility. It also offers the capability to enrich tokens sent to the service with data that is not available in Active Directory, providing a more comprehensive and secure user verification process.

Integrate PhenixID Signing with existing systems
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The impact of PhenixID Authentication

Implementing PhenixID Authentication solution has led to transformative results. It has greatly simplified the workload for IT departments by seamlessly integrating with a variety of external systems, particularly those in the public sector. This integration not only streamlines the authentication process but also introduces a level of contextual access control that considers factors such as network conditions, time, and device type. This context-aware approach to security significantly enhances user experience by making authentication more intuitive and less intrusive.

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