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Password self-service

Forgotten passwords trigger support requests, causing downtime and draining IT resources. Forrester research reveals a $70 cost per reset, leading to user frustration and potential security risks. Tackling this challenge is crucial for minimising downtime and securing cost-effective IT support.

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Overcoming downtime and costly IT support for resets

Users frequently forget their passwords, leading to increased support requests. The user might be locked out from the services he or she needs to be productive, causing expensive downtime. The resources dedicated to handling password reset requests in the IT team could be better utilised for more strategic IT initiatives or addressing complex technical issues.

Furthermore, users, in their frustration, may circumvent password policies, increasing the risk of security breaches.


Empowerment through independence in password self-service

Enter PhenixID's Password Self-Service feature – a transformative solution that shifts the paradigm. Users gain the power to reset or recover passwords autonomously, alleviating the burden on IT support and boosting satisfaction and productivity. Contrary to expectations, this self-service model enhances security.

When users can effortlessly reset passwords, adherence to best practices such as using complex passwords increases.

The Password Self-Service feature authenticates users through biometric data or OTP via email, SMS (or both), allowing them to set new passwords in line with organisational policies set by the IT department

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PhenixID's password self-service revolution

Unlocking independence and security

  • Reduce downtime and costly IT support for password resets.

  • Empower users with autonomy, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

  • Improve overall security through increased adherence to password best practices.

  • PhenixID's Password Self-Service authenticates users securely, ensuring compliance with organisational policies.

Embrace the Password Self-Service by PhenixID, where independence meets enhanced security, transforming the password reset experience for users and IT alike.

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