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Verify dial-in users

Helpdesk agents face the challenge of verifying caller identities, crucial for security. The risk of unauthorised access and exposure of sensitive data is heightened, especially during account-related requests. Social engineering threats and impersonation issues add to the complexity, emphasising the need for robust identity verification to prevent potential security breaches.

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Navigating identity verification challenges in call requests

Helpdesk agents, dealing with a myriad of requests, face the critical challenge of verifying the identity of callers. Without proper verification, the risk of unauthorised access or the dissemination of sensitive personal information looms large.

Social engineering tactics and impersonation threats put organisations at risk, especially when handling account-related issues like password resets or account recovery.

An attacker successfully manipulating an agent could lead to the redirection of crucial emails to a malicious address.


Trust through verification

Enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of helpdesk interactions starts with confirming the identity of the caller. PhenixID's Authentication solution introduces a dedicated module to address this need.

By verifying dial-in users through methods such as One-Time Passwords (OTP) or any electrical identification ID, helpdesk agents can provide more secure and precise assistance.

Beyond security, identity verification fosters trust between helpdesk services and users, assuring users that their information is handled with the utmost security and care.

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Helpdesk feels secure when the caller is safely identified

PhenixID Authentication ensures trustworthy helpdesk experiences

Building trust through verification:

  • Ensure efficient and accurate helpdesk assistance with identity verification.

  • Address the risk of unauthorised access and safeguard sensitive information.

  • Utilise PhenixID's Authentication solution with dedicated modules for dial-in user verification.

  • Build user trust by making identity verification a standard practice in helpdesk interactions.

PhenixID's Authentication solution transforms helpdesk security by integrating identity verification into the call request process. Elevate the security and trustworthiness of your helpdesk interactions, ensuring that assistance is provided securely and accurately.

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