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The challenge at hand involves finding equilibrium in rights and permissions within a dynamic organisational structure. The frequent shifts in user positions and overlapping roles create complexity, making it difficult for the IT department to accurately assign rights and permissions. Striking the right balance is crucial, as the risk of either overly restricting or granting excessive access poses a potential threat, leaving the organisation vulnerable to security breaches.

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Balancing rights and permissions in a dynamic organisational landscape

In the dynamic landscape of organisational roles, users frequently shift positions, leading to a multitude of role changes. Some roles may even overlap, requiring individuals to embody various responsibilities simultaneously.

This complexity poses a challenge for the IT department, as determining the precise rights and permissions for each user becomes a daunting task.

The risk of either restricting or granting excessive access looms, potentially exposing the organisation to security breaches.


Precision in user permissions

PhenixID's Identity solution empowers administrators to effortlessly add and customise roles according to the organisation's evolving needs.

By creating tailored forms and defining read/write rights for specific roles, administrators can ensure that access rights and permissions align accurately.

This approach minimises the risk of erroneously assigning rights to users, establishing a robust system that mitigates security vulnerabilities.

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Navigate role complexity with confidence

Customise roles and enhance security

  • Effortlessly add and customise roles to match the dynamic nature of organisational structures.
  • Tailor forms and permissions to align with the unique responsibilities of each role.
  • Mitigate security risks by ensuring precise alignment of access rights for each user.
  • Establish a resilient system that adapts to the evolving landscape of organisational roles.

With PhenixID, take command of role management, fostering precision, adaptability, and enhanced security within your organisation's framework.

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