December 20, 2023

New release: PhenixID Signing Workflow 2.4.0


PhenixID Signing Workflow 2.4.0 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


The highlights for the 2.4 release includes the ability invite external signers using email address as well as the possibility for the solicitor to validate current signatures wihtou downloading the document

Invite signers using email

Prior to this release, it was possible to invite signers from the organizations AD or to add them based on personal number. In some scenarios this could not be enough

  • Asking for, or storing, personal numbers can be sensitive. Organizations could for example have policies saying its not allowed
  • Sometimes the exact signer isnt known, for example in the case where someone at a subcontractor firm should sign

The 2.4 version allows the solicitor to invite a signer using only email address. Important to know is that anyone with access to the mail could open the mail and sign it, so it is important that the solicitor at completion verifies that the signee is expected.

Validation of signatures

PhenixID Authentication Service has a function to validate the authenticity and integrity of a signed document. Added in 2.4 release is the possibility to trigger such a validity check directly from SWF GUI.



  • SWF SW shown for solicitors and administrators



IGA-470 Emails not sent when errand has expired
IGA-499 Tag values not reset after order created
IGA-500 Failed to decode downloaded font error

Read the full release notes for Signing Workflow 2.4.0 here