Master class - Identity Federation (SAML2)

4 MARCH 09.00-16.00
28 MAY 09.00-16.00

4th March, 28th May

09.00-16.00 CET

Anders Björk

Nacka Strand, Stockholm, Sweden


Target Audience
Designed to fit roles such as IT management, operations, strategy, architects, sourcing partners and application developers looking to expand their knowledge about identity federation.

Knowledge needed
Basic knowledge in IT, network and web technology

8000 SEK

Do you have a larger group of attendees from your organization? Would you like us to carry out the master class at your site, in swedish or english?
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Identity Federation (SAML2)

Identity Federation is a common method, based on standards, to gain a number of different benefits such as single sign-on, password-less authentication, single userID to remember and a single point to apply corporate security policies.
The training schedule contains both theoretical and practical parts to understand how to setup identity federation using the SAML standard. The practical parts include installation, configuration and trouble shooting.

Identity federation overview
- Typical use cases solved
- The SAML Standard
- Design
- Set up a SAML Identity Provider.
- Connect external SAML Service Provider to your SAML Identity Provider.
- Set up a SAML Service Provider to protect application
- Connect external SAML Identity Provider to your SAML Service Provider.

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