Identity Federation

Increased efficiency and improved security

Single Sign-On (SSO) with strong authentication

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Let your users only login once to access all their resources.

PhenixID Identity Federation supports SAML 2.0, OAuth and OpenID Connect.

Enforce a strong
authentication baseline
for all your applications.

Challenges that we solve

PhenixID Identity Federation provides a solution to add a single point of authentication.
End users login only once using a strong authentication method and get access to all their applications.

Many companies and branches of government are facing a rapidly
growing number of applications, user directories and databases.
Remembering account information for a large number of applications
is a challenge to end users. Identities are managed in each application.
Integrating strong authentication has to be carried out by each application
which is a complex and expensive task.

Using PhenixID Identity Federation, administrators are able to manage identities
and application access in only one user directory.
Applications integrate rapidly with the single point of authentication.

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