One Touch

Just tap “Yes” and you are logged in securely!

Simple and secure login!

Users are prompted to confirm or decline different task on their mobile device.

Simplifies logins, signing of documents, reset passwords and much more for users.

Activation can easily be done through self-service or by an administrator to keep cost low.

Challenges that we solve

PhenixID One Touch adds security and simplicity to your organization
and employees when accessing or using company resources.

With the One Touch app a user will receive a notification on their device prompting for interaction.
The user will approve or deny the authentication request by simply answer “Yes” or “No”.
We include this solution with our existing multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Push notification alerts will only be sent to previously activated devices.
If the user have enrolled for multiple devices e.g. mobile and iPad,
the notification will be sent to all devices.

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