Pocket Pass

Turns your mobile device into a security token!

Generate One-Time Password on your mobile device

Lets users generate OTP's even if their device is offline.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Desktop.

Add PIN code or iOS TouchID for additional security.

Challenges that we solve

Secure access to critical data is imperative. Username and password is still used by organizations as a standard method for authentication. General consensus states that this process needs strengthening. Mobile client Pocket Pass solves this by adding an additional factor of authentication (MFA). Pocket Pass turns your mobile device into a security token.

Pocket Pass is easy to install and manage when integrated with PhenixID Authentication Platform – a full back-end infrastructure for automation of token management and customizable UI profiles. No need for additional security tokens when logging in, simply use your mobile phone. Pocket Pass secure login can be applied to a wide range of applications and services.

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