Electronic signing from anywhere

We provide services for electronic signatures and seals

User can easily upload and sign PDF-documents through the signing portal

User can seal PDF-documents on behalf of the organisation they represent

Compliant with EU e-Signature standard PAdES and Long-Term Archive Time Stamps (LTA) for archive purposes

Challenges that we solve

In the era of digitalization it is vital that customers
can support processes electronically.
One of the goals of an effective e-governance is to help reduce the
use of paper, which is both good for environment and productivity.

PhenixID Signing Service enables your organisation
to append electronic signatures to documents.
Electronic signature are used to uniquely identify the
signatory and protect from unauthorized tampering.
This is more secure than a physical signature!

Documents can be signed by one or more users (end user signatures)
and/or an organisation (seal).

Documents can be signed through a web application or API (HTTP, REST).



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