Security by Sweden

Software vs solutions

PhenixID's comprehensive suite of identity and access management solutions is engineered to address a wide array of security and authentication challenges faced by organisations today. Our solutions are realised with our different software components:

  • PhenixID Authentification Services (PAS)
  • OneTouch
  • PhenixID Identity Provisioning (PIP)
  • PhenixID Identity Management (PIM)
  • Signing Workflow (SWF)

Each component are designed to offer specialised capabilities tailored to meet specific needs within the identity management spectrum.

PhenixID software components

Depending on solution and subscription level, to construct a setup that aligns with their unique requirements, one of a combination of these products are used. Each product within our suite operates with its own lifecycle, offering the flexibility to be deployed independently. This modular design enables organisations to implement the specific tools they need without the burden of unnecessary components, simplifying the adoption process and allowing for customised security frameworks.

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